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Why is Winter Lasting So Long?

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It’s the end of March.  The cherry trees in Washington DC are blooming.  Yet, last night, four inches of snow fell.  This is ridiculous.  Every time we get a little warm weather it turns around and snows.  In case you can’t tell, this is my complaint about the weather.

I can recall some years where it was seventy degrees in January here in Michigan.  Sure, it got cold again.  As I remember, we even had some years where it was twenty below for weeks at a time.  The weather is variable.  Still, it should eventually warm up, right?

This last snowstorm was no big deal.  It’s almost all melted now.  Still, it’s supposed to be Spring.  There is more rain and snow on the way.  I feel sorry for all the people who are being flooded out this year.  Nobody should have to put up with twelve inches of rain.  No, it is not global warming causing the weather to be screwy.  The weather is just messed up because it is the weather.

We live on a water-cooled planet.  The water in the oceans provides a means by which the temperature of the planet is regulated.  If it gets too hot, more water evaporates from the sea.  More evaporation means more clouds.  More clouds cause more sunlight to be reflected back into space.  Less sunlight being absorbed means cooler temperatures.  Thus the temperature of the planet is stabilized.  All this evaporation and condensation makes a mess out of the surface of the planet.  Without the water cycle, however, plants could not grow.  No plants, no food.  No food, no life.  We have to put up with the lousy weather because it is the weather that keeps us alive.

I really shouldn’t be complaining about the weather.  I have a house to live in.  I have dry clothes and a roof over my head and four walls and a floor to keep the weather out.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to go outside and soak up some of the heat from the sun that is causing all the evaporation and precipitation.  I’m just sick of winter and clouds and snow snow snow.

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Written by Bill

March 28, 2008 at 1:36 pm

Posted in weather

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