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Why is There so Much Violence in the Media?

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I can hardly stand to watch the TV any more.  Even just surfing channels I am confronted with so many scenes of violence it almost makes me ill.  I know bad things happen to people every day.  Still, what is the point of showing me all these problems?  Am I supposed to feel bad all the time because there is violence and war in the world?  I’m not a law enforcement person who would go around catching killers.  Show your violent pictures to somebody else.

It goes right through from the news to entertainment.  You can hardly watch a movie without somebody getting killed in the show.  Is violence entertaining?  Do you like to watch people bleed?  I think even the Romans with their gladiators and arenas would get sick from watching American TV.  How can people stand to see such horrible things all the time?

I can flip through a hundred channels on the tube and get 90 of them where something bad is happening to somebody.  You’ve got news channels where there is nothing but crime 24/7.  They have fight shows where men beat the crap out of each other while people cheer them on.  Has the world gone insane?  You watch even the science programs and half of them are about either dead people or they are about some disaster where people are getting hurt.  It is the constant theme of mass media: violence.   What kind of a twisted person would be entertained by a show about murderers?  Yet there are dozens of these programs.

It’s not just television.  It’s the whole entertainment industry.  Movies, video games, books, magazines, most seem to have some kind of violent element to them.  Is it some kind of conspiracy by our leaders to make humans desensitized to violence so we won’t object when they tell us to go out and kill Iraqis?   I wonder sometimes.  Why does every program that is supposed to be about science always end up using explosives to wreck something?  It’s idiotic.  Nobody wants a life full of violence, hate and death, yet we entertain ourselves by watching this nonsense?  I just don’t know about people.

Maybe people are just naturally attracted to violence.  Humans used to have to perpetrate violence on animals in order to get food.  Still, if you want people to live peacefully you do not constantly bombard them with violent imagery.  Is the entertainment industry trying to make me happy by showing me people getting hurt?  That’s just idiotic.  Anyone with a shred of empathy would feel lousy if they saw people suffering.  Are they trying to make me depressed?  I wonder sometimes.  What is the point of a society that focuses so much on the bad things that happen and totally ignores the good that is done every day?

Written by Bill

March 30, 2008 at 9:07 am

3 Responses

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  1. I totally agree with you and couldn’t have phrased my feelings any better. I have not watched television in over 2 years now. I occasionally read news on the internet but have gotten away from that also as it is getting just as bad as the mainstream news on television. I’d say that we are definitely living in the last days. As a result of these deep feelings, I have chosen not to have any children. I see how hard and IMPOSSIBLE it is now a days to just provide the basic necessities for myself that I think it would be unfair to bring a child into this word to suffer. If this world lasts another 100 years, I wouldn’t even want to imagine what it will be like then.

    What is amazing to me is that you wrote this article over a year and a half ago and yet, nobody has commented yet. Fear not, there are many others that feel like we do. Try and keep your chin up and throw away your TV set like I did and get out and find the peaceful things in nature to admire. I think that when you make a conscience choice NOT to take all that negativity in, you will be much happier.


    September 22, 2009 at 9:06 pm

  2. I found this article after google-ing to try to find some info on violence in the news. I just watched a local news segment on a wreck that, IMO, was just too graphic and very distasteful. Of course they do it all the time, if they don’t show the stretchers and ambulances they show a mangled car. It’s also good that you realize this may be part of an agenda. Don’t trust the main stream media!


    March 16, 2011 at 10:23 pm

  3. I wish that there were more people talking about the oversupply of violence in our media. There seems to be a lot of touching on related issues like violence in media with regards to male stereotyping; and whether or not screen violence leads to real world violence; and the amount of violence in children’s television, but not much about the fact that there is just too much of the stuff out there in general.

    I just don’t know how the West can call itself civilised when we’re feeding our minds on such a brutal diet. I can’t say that I really understand what it is about violence that makes it such a compulsory component of our entertainment. Why is it so much fun to watch that sort of stuff? What is so exciting about the idea of people getting killed and murdered? Are people just so hooked on the flashes and booms that they don’t even notice the violence?

    What is all this violence doing to our collective psyche? To me it seems a bit unhelpful to reduce the whole issue down to the black-and-whiteness of whether screen violence leads to real life violence, but I can’t help but think that media these days is like fast food for our minds. There’s probably some sort of cumulative effect going on, but unfortunately we can’t just weigh our thoughts to see whether our minds are obese.

    Of course some people these days are so fanatical about their right to be entertained that there’d be a great vocal minority who’d lynch someone for even for suggesting that there was such a thing as too much violence on our screens…


    February 21, 2015 at 9:20 am

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