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I tend to watch which of my blog posts get read.  Lately, what I see is most people are reading one article on the Candy Tracks game.  Along with any number of the other 240+ posts I’ve written over the last three months, this seems to get the most traffic.

I find it interesting that so many people find this blog.  For a while there I wrote about topics I saw on Google Trends.  This was a pretty good way to get some traffic, but the subjects on Trends tend to be news stories and have a limited lifetime.  I guess what I want is stuff that will hold interest for people over time.  It would be nice to make something useful out of this blog.

There are already any number of sites where a person can look up information.  Wikipedia is full of interesting articles on almost any topic.  I don’t think it is even remotely possible for one person to create something like that.  Probably tens of thousands of people have contributed to the wikis.  Maybe millions.  This is just too much information for a blog.

I think I will continue to post things that interest me.  I find stuff about electric cars and motorcycles on the net and think it’s pretty cool people are working on these things.  I like the topic of energy because I can see where it is going to become a big issue very soon.  Even today the price of oil is pushing $134 a barrel, and it will probably go a lot higher.  The world is going to have to find a way to live without using so much petroleum.  Still, it keeps getting used faster and faster and the price goes up accordingly.

I have written a few posts on money lately.  Oddly, these do not get a lot of views.  Maybe people who read blogs are not interested in cash.  I don’t know.  It seems like it should be an interesting subject.  Still, I am not some kind of financial guru.  I have a book on finance that I am about half way through, but it is slow going because it is written in an accounting language that makes little sense to me, even though they explain the terms.

I read for a while last night about the music business.  I can’t understand how a business can be so crooked and still be legal.  I guess they hire lawyers to draw up the endless contracts with which they rip off the entertainers and fans.  The book is written by a lawyer, so it’s a pretty thick attempt at explaining all that goes into a career in the entertainment industry.  I can see why so many rock stars go insane.  They have a couple managers, lawyers, and endless bills to pay for things that they don’t make money on like producers and all the other support people like mix artists and writers and promotion people.  I’m more confused about the music business after reading this book all about it than I was before I read the book, but it’s entertaining.

I still am not sure what people want to read about.  I think for the most part people want to read about things the media tells them they want to read about.  We live in a world dominated by this mass media news industry thing.  Mass communication has conformed the thoughts of people along lines that are profitable to the business of information.  It will be the same way if I ever monetize this blog.  Expect to see articles on how great the latest hat is and how comfortable the newest shoes are and how good this or that movie is.  That’s what commerce is all about, selling stuff.  We live in a society of merchants where people are all the time trying to sell us stuff.  What if people did not need so much stuff?  What if people needed food and clothing and a place to live and a computer and internet connection so they could hook up to the net.  Wouldn’t that be an interesting life?

Of course, I have digressed from my original intent with this piece.  From my statistics for this blog I would say that people are interested in reading about computer games where you drive scheme cars in races.  Very interesting.  If I were an industrious writer I would write more reviews of racing games and sell advertising on my articles to try and sell stuff to people reading my little reviews of racing games.  Apparently I just don’t get this business stuff, so I continue to write these little random spiels about stuff I think about as if anyone is interested.  Go figure.

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Written by Bill

May 21, 2008 at 5:29 pm

2 Responses

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  1. It may be more about niche marketing vs. the most amount of people. After all it’s far easier to upsell and existing client than trying to create a new one. A business may exist without having most the people, but with having enough of the people within a particular niche.

    Instead of writing and publishing one book on the music business I’ve done three, have a number of sites and blogs that are monetized and conducted seminars, workshops and speak at music conferences such as Many of the same people read the books, blogs and attend when I’m speaking on the music business.

    Focus on what you interest are and you’ll continue to make money.


    May 22, 2008 at 8:54 am

  2. This was a really interesting entry…
    My blog has been up for a few months now, and I’m always curious as to what most people tend to visit. It’s never *anything* of what I would expect. The funny thing is, when I try to write entries that are similar to the ones that people want to read, no one seems to care. I guess maybe it’s because our blog is based on a “topic” that eveyone already knows about. I think we just need a new approach…


    May 23, 2008 at 5:46 pm

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